Electrical Panels Design and Implementation for M.V and L.V

Major Topics of the program

  • Introduction for Elec Panels Building
  • Basic requirements for Elec Panels Building
  • M.V Distributor (M.V Switchgear)
  • Ring Main Units
  • Electrical Kiosks and Enclosure for Dry Transformer
  • L.V Panels for Elec kiosks
  • Feeder Pillars and ATS Elec Panels

Detailed Content

  • Intropduction of electrical panel building
  • Design SLD
  • Design wiring diagram
  • Basics of Elec Power System
  • Load and short circuit calculation.
  • Type 1 and 2 coordination
  • DOL. ASD. Soft starter. VFD working
  • Elec Panels manufacturing part 1
  • C.B rating and Cable Sizing
  • Intro for M.V system
  • Basic Components for Elec Panels in M.V and L.V
  • Elec panels manufacturing part 2
  • M.V Distributor part 1
  • M.V Distributor part 2
  • Ring Main Units part 1
  • Ring Main Units part 2
  • Ring Main Units part 3
  • Electrical Kiosks part 1
  • Electrical Kiosks part 2
  • Enclosure of Dry transformer and some important notes
  • Intro for L.V Network
  • L.V Panels for Elec Kiosks part 1
  • Form and IP Concepts for Elec Panels
  • Feeder Pillars & Street Lighting Panel
  • ATS Elec Panel part 1
  • ATS Panel part 2
  • Testing and commissioning of LV. MV switchgear

The benefits of this course

  • you’ll have a perfect overview about the Elec Panels building sector
  • you’ll learn all the required processes for manufacturing the Elec panels in M.V and L.V
  • you’ll have a fast revision for all basics of Electrical Power System
  • you’ll learn types of Grids and how can you make the calculations for C.B rating and cable sizing
  • you’ll have a perfect introduction for the M.V system including ( M.V Distribution networks, their components and configurations )
  • you’ll learn all basic components for Elec panels in M.V and L.V ( C.B, LBS, Contactor, Fuse, Elec Timer, all protection devices, M.V cables, V.T, C.T …etc.)
  • you’ll learn M.V Distributors {M.V Switchgears} in details ( their positions in the M.V network, basic construction, their components , …etc. )
  • you’ll learn the principle of operation for V.T and C.T & Concept of Interlocking between the LBS and earth switch
  • you’ll learn everything about RMUs ( their classifications, all types of RMUs, Basic construction of the RMU, Description of the RMUs , …etc. )
  • you’ll learn the way of connection between the RMUs in the practical life
  • you’ll learn the principle of operation for E.F.I and the capacitive Isolator
  • we’ll discuss real Designs for the RMUs from the practical life
  • you’ll learn everything about the Elec Kiosks in details (M.V compartment, Transformer Compartment and L.V compartment)
  • you’ll learn position of Elec kiosks in the M.V network, their classifications, all their components and how can you make a description for them
  • we’ll discuss the Enclosure for the Dry transformer in details
  • you’ll have a perfect Introduction for the L.V Network
  • we’ll discuss all types of L.V panels for the Elec Kiosks in details using real Designs from the practical life
  • we’ll discuss the Feeder pillars in details
  • we’ll discuss the ATS Elec panels in details using real Designs from the practical life

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