Electrical Substation Design Course For Plant Engineers & Consultants

Electrical Substation Design Course

Welcome to our specialized “Electrical Substation Design Course for Plant Engineers & Consultants.” This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to equip professionals with the practical knowledge and skills required in modern power plant environments.

In today’s dynamic and highly technological industry, understanding the fundamentals of electrical substation design is crucial. As such, our Electrical Substation Design Course provides a unique learning opportunity, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

The course material dives deep into the intricacies of substation design, covering areas such as equipment rating selection, ground grid design, layout development, and substation configuration. Each module is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format aimed at preparing you for the real-world challenges that engineers and consultants face daily.

Our seasoned industry experts, boasting a wealth of experience in power engineering, have carefully designed and curated each module. They infuse the curriculum with real-world examples and case studies, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring that you can readily apply the knowledge in your work environment.

Upon completing our Electrical Substation Design Course, you’ll be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively handle electrical substation projects, from the initial design phase to the final operational stage. This practical understanding will enable you to stand out in your role as a plant engineer or consultant, leading to growth and success in your career.

Join us in our Electrical Substation Design Course and step into a world of comprehensive learning that will advance your career in the power industry. Get the expertise you need to thrive in your profession by embarking on this educational journey today.

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Key Feature: 132/33 KV Software-based Turnkey Project (Case study-Project execution)

Insulation Coordination by Digsilent-500KV In Substation Design Course Practical Execution

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Support Assets: Complete software Package including software, exercise, recorded sessions, case studies, manuals, and research material

Electrical Substation Design Course Powerful Contents

  • Basic Requirement of Designing
  • Substation(SS) Essential Concepts
  • AIS, GIS, and MTS basic concepts
  • Bus Bar Arrangement in SS-Single, 1-1/2, Double, Ring(IEEE) & MESH
  • Busbar conductor Selection (current sizing included)
  • Busbar Electrical and Mechanical Clearances
  • Busbar economic safety provision (especially in the coastal areas)
  • Safety Zone calculation
  • Site Location, layout, and Project management plan
  • Construction Plan and Quality Control
  • Earthing MAT & Grid Designing (Earth Resistance safe values, Soil Measurement, Voltage limits)
  • Fences Requirement
  • Substation location identification and Selection
  • Terminal Points and Boundaries limitation
  • Equipment Sizing (Breakers, Disconnector, Earthing switches, Instrument Transformers, Connectors, Insulators, Reactor, Filter)
  • Safe Switching practices
  • 132/33 KV Turnkey Project (Case study-Project execution)


The trainer has +16 years of field-based experience


3-4 hrs. /Day


06:00- 09:00 PM every day


Full Advance for the individual- Self-sponsored (Advance payment transition)

PO- For companies sponsored delegates (cross cheque in favor of industrial mentors )

Course Features

  • Complete Training session recordings.
  • The Certificate.
  • A lot of Literature, standards, and papers.
  • Case Studies for practice.
  • Will handle all queries and questions.
  • Future Support in case of queries.
Substation Design Engineering Course

Training Testimonials

NameCompanyRemarks About Course 
Jamil Awan EnovaVery informative 
Muhammad Ahmer Ayaz Frontier Works Organization Much needed to get insights about the practicality of design/ consulting of a substation. 
Taimur AliTeslaa power engineering The session throughout was inspirational.learning outcomes are depth of knowledge in power systems field, analysis and motivation for destination.keep it up imentors!
Rizwan JavedEngineers Guild (Pvt) Ltd.The course was every effective for the professionals as as well as beginners who want to pursue their career in the Substation Design. Unfortunately, I couldn’t able to join few lectures but I have the lectures and will complete my training.
Sohail QureshiMM PakistanIt was an excellent course. The learning material was totally different and new for me. The instructor was outstanding . I will be in touch with Imentors for new course/trainings
kashif iqbalLESCO,GSOI am glad to complete substation course from IMENTORS, it is very informative course .its help me in future life to improve my skill in jobs and daily life.again thanks team imentors.

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