Instrument & Control Training For Plant Professionals

This training module on Instrumentation & Control covers critical aspects of machinery monitoring systems, focusing on troubleshooting and maintenance techniques for systems like Bently Nevada and its sensors. Participants will learn about rod load calculation and its effects on machine integrity, as well as phase angle calculation for key phasor. The module includes guidelines on selecting Bentley systems based on machine size and service, considering standard protections. In control valves, it addresses basic sizing knowledge, the impact of design parameters such as differential pressure, valve tightness classes, and various seat and trim arrangements. For sales gas metering, it covers standards like AGA3, the interpretation of orifice sizing sheets, and the effects of physical damage on accuracy. The field instrumentation section delves into digital/analog trimming, HART protocol workings, internal instrument settings, and flow corrections using pressure and temperature compensations. Lastly, it explores the integration of Engine Control Modules (ECM) with control systems in gas engine-driven compressors, emphasizing the roles of each component.

Content of Training

Instrument & Control Topics:

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of machinery monitoring system including Bently Nevada and its sensors
  • About Rod load, how to calculate it and its impact on machines integrity
  • How to calculate phase angle for key phasor
  • Standard protections to consider while selecting Bentley system based on machine size and service.

Control Valves:

  • Basic knowledge about control valve sizing
  • Impact of exceeding Dp and other design parameters from its envelope
  • Tightness class of control valves
  • Different types of seat and trim arrangement and their application such as gate type valve, orbit valve etc.

Sales Gas Meter:

  • AGA3 and other standards on flow measurements, allowable error / accuracy for fiscal and non-fiscal measurements.
  • Interpretation of orifice sizing sheets and the impact of orifice plate scaling, scratching etc on the accuracy

Field Instrumentation & Control System:

  • D/A trimming and its impact on overall accuracy of transmitted data.
    Working of HART protocol
  • Different internal settings in instruments such as di-electic values of process, specific gravity and its impact etc.
  • Flow corrections using pressure / temperature compensations in flow measurement devices.
  • Gas Engine Driven Compressor I&C system:
  • Integration of ECM with Control System for a generator and the role each component plays.

For industrial professional who are working at

  1. Power plant
  2. fertilizer plant
  3. oil and gas industry
  4. cement factory
  5. Sugar mill
  6. Process industry

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