Power Transformer Complete Life Cycle Management For Plant Professionals- Training Program

Power Transformer Training

In the dynamic realm of power plants, the efficient operation and maintenance of transformers stand as pivotal factors influencing overall performance and reliability. This comprehensive guide, focusing on key aspects such as transformer cooling types, diverse transformer categories, and adherence to applicable standards, is designed to empower engineers and managers engaged in power plant operations. By unraveling the intricacies of transformer design, protection mechanisms, and maintenance practices, this resource aims to equip professionals with the knowledge needed to enhance operational excellence, mitigate risks, and optimize the lifespan of transformers within the complex network of power generation and distribution.

Transformers, as indispensable components within power plants, undergo a nuanced journey from manufacturing to installation and throughout their operational life. With a strategic exploration into topics like heat management, insulation, and protection systems, this guide provides insights that extend beyond the conventional understanding of transformers. By delving into nuanced concepts such as vector groups, differences between shunt reactors and power transformers, and the preparation of transformer specifications, this resource seeks to elevate the expertise of engineers and managers, fostering a proactive approach to transformer maintenance and ensuring the sustained efficiency of power plant operations.


  • Introduction to Transformers
  • Transformer cooling types
  • Different Types of TF  and their uses
  • Applicable Standards
  • BIL
  • Transformer accessories
  • Transformer Heat, Copper and Iron Losses
  • Transformer Overload and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Types of Commercial Transformer Installation
  • TR Cons Construction
  • Transformer Manufacturing Process
  • Tap Changers
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Transformer Insulating Oil & types
  • understanding of vector group
  • Transformer Protection
  • FAT
  • Transformer testing
  • Oil Dehydration
  • Oil testing and DGA
  • Condition Assessment
  • ATS
  • MTS
  • Major in service failure mode of the transformer
  • Differences between Shunt Reactor and Power Transformer
  • Loading Of Oil-Immersed Transformers
  • Transformer Life Management
  • TL & COO
  • RLA
  • Preparation of Power Transformer Specification


  • EXPERIENCE: 16+ Years (Has done a lot of projects in Pakistan and tested, inspected, commissioned over 500 Transformers in power plants and critical sector of Pakistan and Gulf)

Other Details

  • Training Mode
    • Online
  • Who Should Attend?
    • Engineers, Consultants, and managers
  • Training Dates
    • 27th March -2nd April 2024
  • Duration
    • 3 hrs. /Day
  • Timing
    • On Demand
  • Payment
    • Full Advance for the individual- Self-sponsored (Advance payment transition in company account )
    • PO- For companies sponsored delegates (cross cheque in favor of industrial mentors)

Course Features

  • Complete Training session recordings.
  • The Certificate.
  • A lot of Literature, standards, and papers.
  • Case Studies for Practice.
  • Will handle all queries and questions.
Transformer testing

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