About Founder

Nasir Anwar, an electrical engineer and business consultant with 14+ years of experience in various industries such as power plants, fertilizers, oil and gas, cement, textiles, and EPC for services businesses in Pakistan, has taken up a mission to create and collaborate with an ecosystem for engineers.

This ecosystem aims to support and elevate each other through the utilization of their knowledge, network, and skills.

To achieve this goal, Nasir has created an industrial mentors platform where he pitched an idea for advanced practical training for engineers. The purpose of this training is to help them compete in the international market and export their services to organizations all over the world.

The platform also offers training and consultancy to support engineering businesses to evaluate, analyze, start, and sustain their engineering businesses with a higher probability of success.

In addition to this, the platform has also introduced a job creation referral program, where companies can hire engineers, managers, and even plant managers from the portal just to search for the required skills.

Nasir’s experience as a general manager in the industry before starting his business and this platform has given him a deeper understanding of the gap the market and engineering sector are facing and how it can improve while keeping international benchmarks in mind.

This platform is a way of success in creating an engineering community for the Pakistani nation to make Pakistan great. The community can contribute to human development, not only in Pakistan but all over the world through their talent.

By providing a space for engineers to come together, collaborate, and learn from each other, Nasir is helping to create a stronger, more connected, and more successful engineering community in Pakistan. This initiative is a valuable contribution towards the development of the country’s economy and its international reputation.

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