Expert Power Factory DIgSILENT Training: Elevating Your Power Systems Analysis Skills

Power Factory DIgSILENT Training

Take your power systems analysis skills to the next level with our expert Power Factory DIgSILENT training. This course provides an unparalleled opportunity for professionals who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of DIgSILENT’s PowerFactory and its limitless potential.

DIgSILENT’s PowerFactory has been a game-changer in the field of power systems analysis, enabling electrical engineers to optimize system operations and make data-driven decisions. Our in-depth course ensures you are up-to-date with these advancements and fully equipped to navigate the PowerFactory interface with confidence.

The Power Factory DIgSILENT Training course has been designed by leading professionals in power systems analysis. It provides an immersive, hands-on learning experience to help you master DIgSILENT PowerFactory software, from its core functionalities to its most sophisticated features.

This training program will not only enhance your PowerFactory skills but will also provide you with a deeper understanding of power systems analysis as a whole. With a balanced blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications, you’ll be able to leverage your new skills immediately, adding value to your career and your organization.

Join our Expert Power Factory DIgSILENT Training course and unlock your full potential in power systems analysis. Enroll today and step up your electrical engineering game.

Power Factory DIgSILENT Training Content 

  1. Grid integration study
  2. Power system time studies
  3. power system failure analysis
  4. system transient studies
  5. Power quality studies
  6. Protection coordination
  7. Arc flash analysis
  8. Generation adequacy
  9. Voltage sag analysis
  10. Techno economical calculation
  11. Motor analysis
  12. Model analysis
  13. Project cable sizing
  14. State estimation
  15. Optimal power solution
  16. Wind power design and integration
  17. Solar farm design and integration


The trainer has +16 years of experience

Complete Power Factory

First Time In Pakistan

5 Days, 3 Hours/Day

Course Length

20 Hours

Trainer Has 16+ Years of Nat’l & Intl Experience

Protection BOOK Author

Truly Practical, Assignments & Case Studies Based Course

3th – 7th Oct

Power factory Software Training Course Registration Form

Power factory Software Training Course Registration Form

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