PSCAD Training: Master the Art of Power System Simulation with Our Comprehensive Course

PSCAD Training

Elevate your power system simulation skills to new heights with our extensive PSCAD training course. Crafted with precision and deep expertise, our course takes you deep into the intricacies of PSCAD and master the art of power system simulation.

PSCAD is a highly-regarded tool in the electrical engineering field, renowned for its advanced simulation capabilities. Our comprehensive course will help you harness the full power of this software, boosting your career and setting you apart in your profession.

Our PSCAD training is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of PSCAD’s complex systems and applications. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises to ensure you gain a complete grasp of power system simulations, preparing you for real-world scenarios and helping you solve complex engineering problems with ease.

With experienced instructors leading the course, you’ll be equipped with the essential skills and insights to navigate PSCAD efficiently, opening new doors for professional development and growth.

Enroll in our comprehensive PSCAD training course and take your power system simulation skills to the next level. Don’t just learn PSCAD; master it and reshape your future in electrical engineering. 

PSCAD Training Content 

Basic Stage

  1. Power distribution system- the general concept
  2. Design concept
  3. Radial, loop, and ring system concept
  4. Voltage regulation
  5. Capacitor bank
  6. Grounding and its techniques
  7. Capacitor switching

Medium Stage

  1. Ferro resonance
  2. TOV
  3. Arresters applications
  4. Current chopping
  5. Power quality
  6. Harmonics
  7. Voltage quality, sag, and voltage sag solution
  8. Flicker

Expert Stage

  1. Renewable energy distribution and impact
  2. Conductor up-gradation and impact
  3. Optimal placement planning
  4. Voltage control
  5. Network Redesign
  6. Transmission line modeling


The trainer has +16 years of field-based experience

Training Dates

12 to 16 Apr 2023, 5 days Session-Online


3-4 hrs. /Day


06:00- 09:00 PM every day


Full Advance for the individual- Self-sponsored (Advance payment transition)

PO- For companies sponsored delegates (cross cheque in favor of industrial mentors)

Course Features

  • Complete Training session recordings.
  • The Certificate.
  • A lot of Literature, standards, and papers.
  • Case Studies for practice.
  • Will handle all queries and questions.
  • Future Support in case of queries.

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