About Industrial Mentors

Industrial Mentors is an initiative founded by Nasir Anwar, an experienced electrical engineer and business consultant who has worked in a variety of industries in Pakistan for over 14 years. The primary goal of this initiative is to create a collaborative ecosystem for engineers that will enable them to support and elevate each other by utilizing their knowledge, network, and skills.

VISION: The vision of Industrial Mentors is to connect senior industrial professionals with young professionals so they can communicate and learn about the demands of the market and align themselves with the right career path. This initiative has created a road map to achieve its vision by offering a variety of services.

PORTFOLIO: One of the main services offered by Industrial Mentors is online sessions with senior industrial professionals, which provides young professionals with the opportunity to learn from experienced industry experts. These sessions help them gain industry knowledge, understand market dynamics, asset types, required skills, and certification requirements. This enables them to make informed decisions about their career path and avoid wasting their early career years.

Another key service offered by Industrial Mentors is engineering business-based training. This training is designed to support young entrepreneurs in the engineering industry by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to start and run a successful engineering business. They learn about business planning, management, execution, and market identification.

Industrial Mentors also offers live LinkedIn sessions for engineering businesses. These sessions provide businesses with the opportunity to communicate their solutions and services to the Pakistani engineering market. This direct coverage of the engineering market allows customers to better understand their product and service portfolio.

In addition, Industrial Mentors provides practical skills-based engineering training that is highly software-based and practical. The training includes discussions of faults, case studies, scenarios related to the engineering industry, papers, and standards.

Finally, Industrial Mentors arranges an annual conference of senior professionals where they can discuss different topics, issues faced in the industry, and the roadmap of the engineering market. This conference enables senior professionals to exchange ideas and share their knowledge and experience with others.

In conclusion, Industrial Mentors is an excellent initiative that aims to create an engineering community in Pakistan that can contribute to the human development of not only Pakistan but the world. Through its services, Industrial Mentors provides young professionals and entrepreneurs with the support, guidance, and knowledge they need to succeed in the engineering industry.

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