MV Motors Complete Life Cycle Management For Plant Engineers

Inspection, testing, condition assessment, repair, maintenance, and overhauling of MV Motors, fault types and analysis, case studies, and FME Techniques a complete course for Plant engineers who are involved in the operation and maintenance of MV Motors (Failures Statistics of IMs: EPRI and IEEE Surveys)

We are a group of certified and experienced Engineering Professionals with a track record of success in performing Condition Assessment, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Testing of Electrical Power Assets such as Medium and Low Voltage Motors, large Power Transformers, Power Generators, Medium and High Voltage Circuit Breakers, Surge Arresters, GIS, AIS, and Related Equipment.

We serve the power generation utilities (including nuclear, hydel, and conventional IPPs), the fertilizer and cement industries, as well as the food and chemical industries. We also provide training and certification for maintenance and testing personnel to ensure that plants run safely, continuously, and reliably.

Powerful Training Course

  1. Failures Statistics of IMs: EPRI and IEEE Surveys
  2. Types of Faults in IMs: Electrical, Mechanical & Environmental
  3. Understanding  of Stator Winding Failure Mechanisms
  4. Understanding of Rotor Winding Failure Mechanisms
  5. Case Study: Failure of Motor (Eskom, 8 Pole, 11 kV, 7250 kW)
  6. Maintenance of IMs: Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  7. Testing  of IMs: Offline and Online Testing
  8. Case Study: Corrective Maintenance of 3.3 MW & 6 KV Motor
  9. Case Study: Corrective Maintenance of 400 kW & 6 KV Motor
  10. Overhauling of IMs
  11. AC/DC High Voltage Testing of IMs
  12. CNDF and PD Testing of IMs
  13. Surge Comparison Testing of IMs
  14. Overhauling Case Study: Overhauling of 2.5 MW & 6 KV Motor
  15. Implementation of FME Techniques
  16. Understanding of Human Error Prevention Tools 
  17. Quick Resolution of  various Problems of IMs
  18. Case Studies of Various Corrective Maintenance Jobs of IMs
  19. Conclusion/Summary

Health Assessment Of Machines

  • Extend Machines Lifespan – Reduce the need of New Machines
  • Prevent Unplanned Downtime – Increase Production
  • Avoid the need of Expensive Repairs – Save Money
  • Ensure operation without interruption – Time and Budget Saving
  • Improve Efficiency- Reduce Energy Consumption & Operational Cost
  • Prevent Equipment Failures – Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Why Need Training?

  • Improve Maintenance Work Quality
  • Reduce Mistakes and Defects
  • Maintain Pace with the Industry
  • Increase Productivity and Profitability
  • Develop Organizational Capacity
  • Enhance Personal and Equipment Safety
  • Boost Employee Motivation

Training Dates

8 to 12 May 2023, Session-Online


2 hrs. /Day


06:00- 09:00 PM every day


  • Full Advance for the individual- Self-sponsored (Advance payment transition)
  • PO- For companies sponsored delegates (cross cheque in favour of industrial mentors)

Course Features

  • The Certificate.
  • A lot of Literature, standards, and papers.
  • Case Studies for Practice.
  • Will handle all queries and questions.
  • Future Support in case of queries.

MV Motors Complete Life Cycle Management For Plant Engineers

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