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Industrial Mentors: The Platform for Referral Hiring in the Engineering Industry

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NOTE: This portal is exclusively for employed engineering professionals seeking referral-based opportunities

The engineering industry is highly competitive and demands skilled professionals with specific expertise. In such a scenario, finding the right job opportunity can be a challenging task. Moreover, companies also struggle to find the right candidates for their job openings. This is where Industrial Mentors come in.

Industrial Mentors is a platform (with a Smart Portal) that connects engineering professionals within the industry to help smooth the referral hiring process. By filling out your credentials along with your LinkedIn URL, you can get referred within the industry as per your skills, field, and abilities. The goal of Industrial Mentors is to build an engineering ecosystem where everyone supports and collaborates with each other to meet their career goals.

This portal is exclusively for professional engineers, and the referral areas are power plants, fertilizer plants, oil and gas sectors, the cement and process industries, sugar mills, and flour mills. The platform has a vast network of companies in these sectors, and by registering on the website, you can open doors to new job opportunities.

When the HR of these companies has a job opening, they connect with Industrial Mentors, and the platform forwards them the relevant people based on their requirements within minutes. This way, the process of finding the right candidate is fast and efficient, bypassing all the time-consuming activities. The HR department will possibly connect you with the company within 24 hours, which significantly speeds up the job search process.

The platform’s referral system is highly effective, as it is based on the recommendations of industry experts who vouch for the skills and expertise of the candidate. This way, the chances of getting hired are higher, and the candidate can be assured of the credibility of the company.

In conclusion, Industrial Mentors is an excellent platform for engineering professionals who are looking for job opportunities in the power plants, fertilizer plants, oil and gas sectors, cement and process industry, sugar, and flour mills. The platform’s efficient referral system helps both job seekers and companies find the right fit for their job openings. By registering on the platform, professionals can open up new doors to career opportunities and expand their professional network.

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