ETAP Power System Studies

Industrial Mentors Pvt. Limited conducts power system studies using the Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP). We possess extensive experience in order to perform complex power system studies on large electrical systems.

Following studies are carried out:

  • Network Modelling of Electrical Power System for various Simulations.
  • Load Flow Studies.
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Star Device Co-ordination with Auto Evaluation (Relay Setting and Relay Co-ordination).
  • Motor Starting and Voltage Dip study.
  • Transient / Dynamic Stability study.
  • Harmonic Analysis.
  • Ground Grid Design.
  • Cable ampacity Derating.
  • Cable Pulling.
  • Transformer Sizing.
  • Arc Flash Analysis.
  • Parameter Estimation and Torque / Slip Curve.
  • Transmission line Sag and Tension Calculations
  • Etc

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