Journey of an Asset Manager

There is a serious problem in Pakistan’s engineering industry with regard to asset management initiatives and cultures that adhere to international standards such as ISO55000.

The power plant, fertilizer plant, cement plant, sugar mill, and flour mill. Even now, government utilities do not consider it important to implement these asset management standards and frameworks. If some plants consider moving then they get afraid by seeing the cost of implementation and audit

In their own scenario, it’s just a build-up cost that has no financial justification

The management is even unable to convince their board about the usefulness of these plans in the long run.

That’s how investors, plant assets, management, and teams suffer

Plant assets: reliability compromise and high OPEX

Management; They can’t get full value from assets

Team: They can’t able to make themselves meet the best practice parameters and even can’t able to compete in international competitions because they have no Career journey or any certification

Now we are making effort to give awareness of the effectiveness, and have initiated a series of asset management exam certification preparation programs so our engineers and professionals can start this journey and do their job as per international standards and can compete on the global stage

Date: 1st April 2023

Duration: 45 Mins

Speaker: IAM – CAMA Certified, Working In UK utility

Type: Close

Who should attend: Engineer, Plant Professional


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