Team Solvecons for Consultancy Venture

#mentors has invited Team Solvecons for their consultancy idea discussion in our next Saturday session.

Amna Sarfraz After having served for a substantial number of years, former corporate employees bid farewell to their corporate association to dive into the entrepreneurial world. This diverse and dynamic team initiates a start-up they proudly call SOLVECONS.

We will unfold the story of how this entrepreneurial venture came into existence and became the first of its kind and how it can directly benefit academia and the industry simultaneously by providing unprecedented opportunities.

Solvecons is a one-stop solution for all consultancy needs. They provide a platform to bridge clients to consultants. They tap on expert freelance consultants and bridge them with their clients who seek top-of-the-class consultancy services.

Their unique selling proposition that sets us apart from other consultants in the market is two-pronged:

1- Their consultants are industry experts with decades of experience in top positions in conglomerates, who have dealt with socio-economic challenges pertinent to the Pakistani market. Therefore, the solution provided is best in class!

2- Their start up, by design is based on crowdsourcing and remote operations, enabling Solvecons to keep their overheads low in comparison to their direct competition. By passing on the benefits of cost leadership, their offering is more economical for their clients!

Please visit and join in the session to know more!

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